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Customized Grant Support 

KLR Partners offers 4 levels of service to meet your grant writing needs. To date, we have helped schools win $60.7 million in grant money. Partner with certified grant writer, Katy Ridnouer, to start writing your way to grant awards!


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"With the right partner, anything is possible."

- Katy Ridnouer



We do the research and help you select grants that match your project's goals and your school's mission. 


GRANT coaching

Hire KLR Partners to coach a member of your staff to complete all of the details of the grant. KLR Partners will assist with editing, revising, and ensuring a complete and compelling application. 



We'll partner with you to lead all aspects of the grant application. We will write narrative content, complete research, and collaborate with your team to ensure a strong grant application submission. ​



We offer grant management and editing services for schools that want to write their own grants but want expert advice during the process and to ensure a high-quality product.

I had the pleasure of working with Katy Ridnouer for the NC ACCESS grant. Katy was incredibly professional, listened to the needs of our school, and kept the school on its mission. She collaborated so well with the school in completing the grant application, ensuring that the application was correct, complete, and that both parties were on the same page. Katy carried us through the entire process and even after we were awarded the grant, followed up to ensure everything was going well. She is still following up to this day. Katy deeply cares about education and the schools she works with, helping them gain crucial access to additional funds to continue to grow. I highly recommend working with Katy when considering applying for a grant.”

- Anthony Rodriguez, Tillery Charter School

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