Who We Are

KLR Partners works with leaders to achieve their big-picture ideas. KLR Partners helps you make the seemingly impossible, possible.


The everyday job of a school leader and a teacher can be so overwhelming that going after grants, writing policies, implementing programs, and developing a school of your own can appear to be too much effort.


Partner with KLR Partners, and your maybe-one-day ideas will turn into life-changing realities for your students and their families.

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"With the right partner, anything is possible."

- Katy Ridnouer, MEd, GPC

Partnering With Us

Katy Ridnouer loves to get ‘er done. Whatever project she is working on, she has bulldog focus and tenacity to complete the project with high-quality, accuracy, and flair. An effective collaborator and project leader, she knows how to galvanize team members around an idea, implement a plan, and monitor the plan until the goals are reached. Each part of her business impacts students’ lives, and that drives her to succeed in each and every project. 


Katy’s been an educator for almost thirty years, has opened a charter school, and served as its leader. She's also helped over one dozen charter applicants move from dream to reality.


A certified grant writer, Katy is an accomplished grant writer who has helped schools win over $20M in grant awards.


She’s also the proud mom of three sons and the wife of her high school sweetheart. The whole family loves to spend their time on the beach with their two dogs, Leroy and Oakley. An avid reader and learner, Katy can be found with a stack of books and an online class registration form.


Katy is also an author of two ASCD books: Managing Your Classroom with Heart and Everyday Engagement.


"Charter applications and competitive grants can be very cumbersome and time-consuming.  For me, Katy Ridnouer has been a pleasure to work with on grants and charter applications.  She is professional, organized, and committed to the success of the project. As a project manager, Katy always makes sure that your T's are crossed and your I's are dotted and provides excellent feedback and insight to support the mission of the work.  We have made a great team so far, and I look forward to working with her again!"


~Jennifer Lucas, Chief Academic Officer, Alliance Education Services

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