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Charter School Application Writer

Katy has helped over fifteen groups make their dream for a school a reality. She helps groups craft every element of operating a school; then she ensures that the application is complete, compelling, and compliant. She will also lead a mock interview to prepare the board for the authorizer interview with the goal of a unanimous, "Yes!"

When Katy started working on the school she founded, she had 25+ years of experience in education, a very supportive husband, a good idea, and that’s about it.


She hosted weekly board meetings at her dining room table and served dinner, so they board would be energized and focused. The team was soon sailing, but they were still didn't have:

  • A clear education plan. 

  • An understanding of how to get started with the process.

  • A strong understanding of school law and the political winds surrounding schools.

  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory reporting requirements.

  • An idea on how to secure a facility.

They developed each of these on their own, but it would've been so much more efficient and less painful with a partner!


Leverage the knowledge, experience, and skills of Katy Ridnouer, MEd, GPC to help you and your team develop your why and all the other key components of a successful charter school application.


Together, you and Katy will reduce the struggle and speed up your opportunity to serve students in your community.


"Katy Ridnouer was instrumental in preparing an exemplary charter application for our proposed school in South Carolina. Katy drew on a wealth of expertise in school startup, leadership, and regional insight to deliver a comprehensive product that addressed all of the state’s varied authorization requirements and standards. Katy was also a pleasure to work with – professional, brilliant, timely, and flexible – and became an indispensable part of our collaborative process. We owe her a debt of gratitude for getting our founding group’s ambitious vision to the finish line!”

- Jesse Bean, Charter Choices

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